i-heart-matt-bomer asked: why aren't there any pictures of Simon at the premier of Magic Mike? was he not there?

No, he was there but no pics (so far?). He was also at the Political Animals premiere in NY last night and no pics either …

so Matt Bomer has a twitter account now? please answer!

Oh no, I forgot to edit those tweets (change the @ for a # ) so people don’t get confused. Matt isn’t on twitter. All the Matt accounts out there are false.

I actually meant the person in the photo hon! she is rrreeeaaaalllyy lucky!

LOL, sorry. Yes, the fans meeting them are really lucky :)  I hope we get more during the day :D

Lucky you!…

It’s not me. I’m just stalking twitter like I always do if I’m not in class xD I’m in Spain, too far away from NY ;__;