I know that I was surprised the day the nominations came out. The first thing I did after talking to Simon (Halls, Bomer’s husband) was I reached out to the entire cast, mostly via email, because everyone’s kind of working all over the world. I think everyone was really grateful and excited, but I think all of us, for the most part, were really happy that it might mean more people will watch the movie, and create some type of buzz that would maybe get someone who might not typically watch a film like this sit down and watch it.

I think we were all very excited that (everyone from the film) will get to see each other again and get to share that (Emmy) night together, you know? I love these people dearly. I want us to all be together forever. I don’t want the experience to end.

- Matt Bomer on his Emmy nomination  [X] (via thenormalheart-movie)

GLSEN Respect Awards LA 2014 [x]

Special Matt Bomer DAY BY DAY 19.7 from Giffoni Film Festival on Vimeo.

Special Matt Bomer DAY BY DAY 19.7

Matt and Simon arriving at the juror Q&A + Simon fixing Matt’s tie [mediafire]

Matt Bomer protagonista al Giffoni Film Festival [x]

Simon fixing Matt’s tie [x]

Simon fixing Matt’s tie [x]

At first, Bomer admitted he couldn’t even grasp the gravity of an Emmy nomination.

"I couldn’t even speak for the first minute," he said. "I was overcome with gratitude, just the moment was so profound for me. I’ve been working in TV for 13 years and to have this moment, I was completely overwhelmed and had to collect myself for a bit. Simon knew firsthand how hard I worked on this role, how much we put into it, myself as an actor, and us collectively as a family. it was just really great to get to share that moment with him.

The three children Bomer shares with Halls aren’t old enough to understand what their father is doing and the walls he’s breaking down, but that doesn’t mean they can’t share in a joyous moment like this.

"I do want to share with them a moment like this because all they see is me getting skinny and having to go away [to film]," he said. “I want to make sure they know there are great moments to be shared as well. That is something I think they can understand.”

As for his husband, Bomer added, "I’m sure we’ll find a proper time to celebrate," even though he’s in Los Angeles right now. [full article at abcnews]

Matt Bomer Reacts To ‘Normal Heart’ Emmy Nomination [X]

The Normal Heart's Matt Bomer Talks 'Surreal' Emmy Nomination, Previews White Collar's 'Hitchcockian' Ending →


Matt Bomer‘s physical and emotional transformation for The Normal Heart has paid off with an Emmy nomination.

The Outstanding Supporting Actor in a TV Miniseries or Movie contender has some fierce competition — from his own costars! — but for Bomer, who read Larry Kramer’s play of the same name as a teenager, nothing will outshine the “magical” experience of playing gay New York Times reporter Felix Turner.

Below, the actor revels in the “unbelievable” nomination, teases White Collar‘s “Hitchcockian” series finale and reveals where the future will take him after he wraps the USA Network drama.

TVLINE | Congrats on the nomination!
It’s so beyond exciting. I’m just so grateful and overcome with excitement. It’s a surreal moment, but I’m incredibly happy that the film was acknowledged in the way it was and that so many of the people that worked so hard on it were acknowledged as well.

TVLINE | You’re up against three of your co-stars in the supporting actor category. How does that feel?
It’s great. We’re a family. We were all committed to being a part of this story. If you ever told me I’d ever even be in a category with those actors, I would have laughed at you. So the fact that I’m even in their company is unbelievable for me. I love them dearly. It’s going to be a fun night to get to celebrate together.

TVLINE | What was the most memorable text or phone call you received today?
I found out from my husband, Simon. I’m in New York filming White Collar, and he’s in LA. He’d gotten up to watch. It was just great to get to share that moment with him. I had to separate myself from my family for a long time to get to play this role. There was a lot of moments when I was weighing 130 pounds and probably not the most joyful person to be around. So it was nice to get to celebrate a really happy moment with him as well.

TVLINE | Given how long it took to get this movie made, how much relief did you feel when it was so well received, and now that it’s swimming in Emmy nominations?
Actually, when I first signed on to the film, it was a [theatrical] movie. When I found out HBO was interested, I was thrilled because they get behind their stories in such a profound way. They market them, and they really believe in the stories they tell. So that was all very exciting news. I read the play for the first time when I was 14, and it angered me and it frustrated me and it educated me. My hope was that this film would be given the biggest voice that it could so that other people, especially the younger generation, would have that experience and be able to understand this part of our history, to know why they have a lot of the rights that they have today.

TVLINE | Do you view this role and this nomination as a turning point in your career?
I feel like there’s so much synchronicity involved in this. The fact that I loved this piece for so long and that it ended up happening the way that it did, there’s just something about it that has a magical feel to it. But in terms of whether it will be pivotal, I’m not really in control of those things. All I can do is try to tell stories that I really believe in and play characters as truthfully as I can. The rest of those decisions will take care of themselves. I just hope that I’m afforded the opportunity to be able to continue to do it.

TVLINE | Does something like The Normal Heart make you want to do more films now that White Collar is wrapping up? Or do you see yourself returning to TV again?
I believe in story, and I don’t think there’s any stigma attached to any one medium anymore. I feel like a lot of the best writing is actually happening on television. So it depends on where the good stories and the good roles are. If they’re on TV and that’s where the opportunity is for me, then that’s where I’ll go. If they’re on film, then that’s where I’ll go. If they’re on stage, then that’s where I’ll go.

TVLINE | How is filming going on White Collar? Does it feel different being the last season?
Yeah. There’s this undercurrent of I don’t want to say sadness, but… What’s the French word…? We’re all having a blast working together. It’s just like old times like it’s always been, but underneath it all, we all know that we’re going to have to say goodbye. We’re all dreading that moment because we have been such a close-knit unit for six years. So it’ll be sad to say goodbye. All good things must come to an end!

TVLINE | Yes! I’m a strong believer in that when it comes to television.
It depends on where you are and where the writers are in terms of what stories they want to tell. I feel like we probably could have told some more, but those are decisions that are way above my paygrade. In the meantime, I’m just going to come to work and try to make as many great memories as I can and enjoy what’s left of our time together. I know a lot of the relationships that I’ve formed here are ones that I’ll have in my life forever.

TVLINE | Last we talked, you mentioned that you had some input into the ending. Is it full of closure? Or does it leave the door open for maybe a TV movie at some point?
I can’t say too much on that. The ending that they came up with was collaborative — I don’t want to take sole credit or anything — but it was nice that they were willing to listen to the input. … I’m not a big fan of series endings that wrap everything up into a nice bow. I love that Hitchcockian element of believing that people’s imaginations are more potent than anything you can spell out for them. The writers have done a really good job of creating an ending that leaves a lot open to interpretation. [tvline.com]

"I’m on the set of White Collar as we speak, in New York, and all I can say is: This is amazing. I am incredibly grateful. I’ve loved this play for more than 20 years and it changed my life reading it. The frustration, anger and education of the story — it was a gift of a role. It’s so rare you get to play a part that makes you a better person. Everyone put so much work into it. It was one of those sets where everyone was so exited to be there and work on this rich material,” he told THR. “One of our biggest hopes before it started, our intention, was for young people to see this and learn about this brave generation who gave us our rights. It has an incredible message of unconditional love. This group of people fought to save themselves because no one else was going to do it for them.” He added, “[My husband] Simon gave me the news — that was really great. And my children knew I did a job I had to lose weight for, but it never really upset them to see me like that, as long as I could still play with them. It’s definitely a special day for our family."

Matt Bomer Reacts To ‘Normal Heart’ Emmy Nomination [MF]

Matt Bomer is 3,000 miles away from his family shooting White Collar in New York, but still got to share his happy Emmy news this morning when his husband, Simon Halls, called from Los Angeles.

"It was so great to share that moment with him because I had to separate myself from my family to play this role. I was also hangry!"

 ”It’s definitely hard to be away on a day like this,” he adds. “Especially because all (the kids) saw at the time was when I was really skinny and frail.” [ Full article at usatoday]

Critics’ Choice TV Awards (june 19, 2014) [x]

Critics’ Choice TV Awards (june 19, 2014) [x]

Matt Bomer at amfAR Inspiration Gala 2014