The Good

Real actors point…a lot

Matt Bomer’s on Glee!

Rachel and Finn didn’t go through with the wedding

Matt Bomer sings!

Sue has some character continuity

Matt Bomer dances a little!

Roz (guest star NeNe Leakes) is back

The Matt Bomer

When they announced Matt Bomer was going to guest star as Blaine’s (Darren Criss) older brother Cooper, you could practically hear the tweets pouring out of mobile devices across the world. Granted, I’m still a little bit surprised Bomer is still unknown to mass audiences, but I think he’s reached a new demo now thanks to Glee. Cooper’s an internationally recognized commercial spokesman, and a little bit full of himself.

He takes his brother to lunch, we get a few flashbacks to their childhood, and he signs Sue’s breast before being fawned over by students in the hall, including Kurt (Chris Colfer). But, Cooper’s acting master class is probably the best highlight, where he imparts such wisdom as college is a waste of time, Broadway is dead, and real actors ignore their scene partners and point a lot.

But, things work out in the end, thanks to Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know,” sung in duet fashion by the Anderson brothers. They share a hug, which Cooper plans to use as sense memory in a future audition, which will probably contain a lot of pointing. But, it won’t be for Transformers or Michael Bay.

Let’s hope since his regular gig is a cable series, Cooper Anderson may be able to pop back in again.

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Finally! After a seven week hiatus, Glee is back, and with an amazing (and gorgeous) guest star: Matt Bomer.

So Matt Bomer plays Blaine’s super hot brother, Cooper Anderson, who Kurt recognizes from the commercials. Sue is a HUGE fan of his work and asks him to sign her boob, and then she makes him perform in front of the glee club because he’s a real artist in Sue’s eyes. He and Blaine perform a mash-up (again, why?) of “Hungry Like The Wolf“ and “Rio“ by Duran Duran.

Bomer shows off his comedy chops when dining with Blaine at Breadsticks when he tries out new accents on the waitress and criticizes Blaine’s dance moves. When Bomer teaches Cooper Anderson’s Master Class to the Glee Club he tells them not to go to college or New York City (sorry, Rachel). He gives the club fabulous acting advice like the key to a scene is good pointing and to be a great actor, you have to completely ignore what the other actor is doing. Then he lets them do scenes from NCIS.

Plus: Here’s Cooper’s audition tape for Transformers! It’s as hilarious as it sounds.

Bomer is probably one of the best guest stars so far because not many Glee fans know him/have an idea of what he should be like on the show. He’s talented and hilarious as a “famous” guy from credit rating commercials, but there’s also some substance to his character because him and Blaine don’t have the best relationship.

Blaine sings Christina Aguilera‘s ”Fighter” to his brother because he’s sick of Cooper criticizing him and not being supportive. Sidenote: I forgot how much I love this song and Blaine singing it definitely reminds me. Also Darren Criss is half naked during the song, so bonus points.

Blaine skipped the senior skip day for brother issues, and Kurt convinces Blaine to sing out his issues with his brother. They sing an AMAZING duet of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” filled with scenes from their childhood. Then Cooper compliments Blaine and admits he’s been hard on Blaine because Blaine’s so talented. Awwww. Brotherly love.

I typically HATE when Glee has guest stars. It always feels forced, but Bomer was really good. I hope we see more of him because he actually adds to the show rather than distracts from it.

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But the big storyline of the episode was with guest star Matt showing up as Blaine’s big brother Cooper Anderson. Cooper is a famous Hollywood actor (as he puts it), but really he is the star of the commercials. And Kurt just flips out when he meets him which is kind of adorable. After meeting Cooper, the two Anderson brothers belt out a fabulous mash-up performance of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like a Wolf” and “Rio.” These brothers could not have been cast more perfectly. 

Matt is just hysterical as the over confident Cooper especially when teaches the Glee kids a master class in acting. His many lessons included “the key to a dramatic scene is pointing,” “Don’t go to New York. Theater is lame and Broadway is dead” and of course, a scene study from NCIS! The look on Rachel and Kurt’s faces when he said Broadway was dead was priceless. Who knew Matt was such a comedian?

But during that NCIS practice scene, the truth finally comes out, if it wasn’t obvious from Blaine’s pissed-off look. The Anderson brothers just don’t have a good relationship. Thanks to fabulous flashbacks (little Blaine with slicked-back hair and a bowtie!), we see how the older brother was never very nice Blaine and always picked on him.

This leads us to a fierce performance of Christina Aguilera's “Stronger” that was intense for every Blaine fan out there. Boxing Blaine, Shower Blaine, Angry Blaine. This number had it all. But there was more he still needed to express to his brother, and Darren and Matt did just that with their fabulous duet of Goyte’s “Somebody I Used To Know” which led to a real tender and sweet moment between the brothers.

Cooper finally revealed that he just always wanted push Blaine to be amazing because he is so talented. Awww. But just as we thought Cooper was returning to Hollywood for an audition with Michael Bay for the next Transformers movie, Cooper found out that they passed on him. “Screw Optimus Prime!” Blaine retorted! (Darren later Tweeted that was the hardest line to ever utter on Glee).

But you know what this means? A door was definitely left open for Cooper to return.

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Fortunately, his plotline works well: Blaine’s big brother Cooper (played by Matt Bomer) is in town, and his semi-fame as the star of credit report commercials coupled with his tendency to criticize his little brother have complicated their relationship. Cooper lives in Los Angeles, auditions for Michael Bay movies, speaks in Irish accents to waitresses, sleeps with the Progressive Auto Insurance lady, misquotes Stanislavski, and subscribes to the point-and-shout school of dramatic arts. Meanwhile, Blaine’s still stuck in Ohio, letting Kurt pick out his clothes.

Cooper is the kind of guest star the Glee writers handle beautifully: funny and over-the-top without being unbelievable or distracting. I’m tempted to compare this to the Neil Patrick Harris guest appearance, but I could just be in the thrall of their similar jaw lines. Cooper gets too many outstanding lines to recap them all, but my personal favorite was his exchange with Blaine after their Duran Duran duet: “Your moves lacked a theme, though.” “My theme was dancing, I guess.” It’s the first time we’ve seen any real sibling interaction on Glee, and the range from alienation to irritation to aggression to reconciliation is really well done.

That chemistry carries over to Blaine and Cooper’s songs; unfortunately, the song choices themselves are a little off base. A good Glee episode becomes a great Glee episode when the songs are as much of a backbone of the episode as the plot, and when they pull you further into the story. But … Glee writers? Did you choose “Fighter” because you wanted to see Blaine box in slow motion and then take a shower? I want that, too. We all want that. But you still have to WRITE TELEVISION in order for that to happen. And while I kind of can’t believe I’m advocating for a more stringent interpretation of Christina Aguilera songs, “Fighter” isn’t about being mad, it’s about moving through anger to empowerment. Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” is an even more baffling choice. It is undeniably a song about a breakup, and it is incredibly awkward to watch brothers sing it, especially after Kurt explicitly tells Blaine to go and sing to his brother about his feelings. This leads to the conclusion that Blaine feels like he and his brother can still be friends as opposed to … brothers? Unclear. It’s a good moment, but a less distracting song choice would’ve made it great.

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In contrast to Artie’s support for Quinn, there was the visit from Blaine’s brother, Cooper (Matt Bomer). I’ve been a huge fan of Matt Bomer from his work on both Chuck and White Collar and he didn’t disappoint here.

He is hot, a great singer, and played Blaine’s cocky brother perfectly. I never thought I would want to hit Matt Bomer, but Cooper was annoying. Didn’t he just make you want to punch him in the face?

His commercial was hilarious though. I was hoping that FOX had done something fun with the Free Credit Rating Today website, but it was a dead link. I don’t understand why a show promotes a website in an episode and doesn’t do something with it. They could have at least redirected it to the Glee show page. Or, to a video or the commercial.

I was surprised to find out that Blaine saw himself as an underdog to his brother. Blaine has always been the standout in both glee clubs. He was given solos and constantly praised for his talent. His feelings of inferiority to his brother seems to have pushed him to succeed.

Their Duran Duran mash-up of “Rio” and “Hungry Like a Wolf” was entertaining and showcased them both well. But, I have to say that I absolutely loved their duet of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” despite the awkwardness of the lyrics.

It was weird to see two brothers sing this song. It felt more like two lovers singing to each other than brothers. I had to remind myself of their relationship while watching. It was heartfelt and I’ve listened to it too many times since it was released.

Matt Bomer’s guest spot was a win. Sometimes, the guest star’s appearance comes across as forced into the story, but his role was authentic and the songs were appropriate and well performed. I’d love to see the return of Cooper Anderson.

My favorite song of the episode was “Somebody That I Used to Know.” My least favorite song was Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter” sung by Blaine. The song didn’t suit his character very well and while I didn’t mind seeing Darren Criss boxing or taking a shower, it was awkward to see Blaine in those circumstances.

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Yes, Matthew Bomer guest starred as the cleverly named Cooper Anderson, brother of Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) and an actor famous for his nuanced work in a “Free Credit Rating” commercial.

“Blaine, your brother is the best-looking man in North America,” Kurt declared upon meeting his boyfriend’s sibling. I am inclined to agree. I am also inclined to note that Bomer’s chiseled face was the most interesting thing in what was, overall, a pretty lackluster episode of “Glee.” Oh, and I’d also like to say, for the record, that if any of the cable networks decide to launch a show called “Here’s Bomer: One Hour of Extreme Matt Bomer Close-Ups Starring Matt Bomer, With Cameo Appearances by Matt Bomer’s Equally Handsome Clones,” well, I would watch that. Just something to consider.

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Mostly because White Collar's Matt Bomer brought his undeniable star power and excessive charm to spruce things up as Blaine's way-more-successful, way-less-annoying big brother, Cooper. And while we lovelovelove the Bomer, the constant mentions of his good looks in the script kind of cheapened how extremely talented that fella is. Thankfully, he was able to overshadow his own genetic blessings with a very funny turn as a vapid actor whose “master class” on the craft of ignoring scene partners and yelling to appear intense should be submitted to the Academy for his inevitable Guest Star Emmy nomination.


But it was all worth it to see Bomer get goofy, unleash his musical side and remind those poor folks who don’t watch White Collar that he is much more than a pretty face.

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Well, it was but for one element: Matt Bomer’s performance as Blaine’s brother, Cooper, which was absolutely terrific. Bomer’s been quietly making a case that he’s a huge star just waiting to happen on White Collar, and this episode cemented his status as such. He sings and dances. He stars in a credit report commercial. He gives hilariously bad acting advice. He nails every laugh line he’s given. He somehow makes a storyline that should be kind of ridiculous and/or offensive—all of these kids abruptly turn into dim-witted naïfs who believe anything a guy who’s been in a commercial and might possibly be up for a Michael Bay movie tells them—a lot of fun. There’s no good reason for everybody to get taken in by Cooper’s advice, which is self-evidently bad, but Bomer is having so much fun dispensing it that lines like “Stanislavsky says the fingers are the eyes of the body, but he never mentions that the toes are the ears” kill.

The emotional side of this storyline—Blaine has always been overshadowed by his charismatic older brother—is a little undernourished, but I like that the show at least took it seriously. The final performance of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” was a strong one, since it featured both Darren Criss and Bomer at their most enjoyable (and a pretty damn good song). Sibling rivalry is a typical source of teenage angst that the show hasn’t really touched on, so it was nice to see the show turn to it, if only briefly, in this storyline. And even if the star status that Cooper held didn’t make a lot of sense, I totally bought that he’s been overshadowing Blaine his whole life. It was a storyline that probably shouldn’t have worked but did, because the actors were so damn committed to it.

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Meanwhile, Blaine’s older brother Cooper Anderson comes to town, and he’s a bonafide commercial star — as in, he stars in a lot of commercials. But to everyone in Lima, Ohio, he’s pretty much their equivalent of a celebrity. Honestly, I can relate. If I saw this guy on the street, I’d totally ask him to sign my breast too, Sue.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Cooper’s idea of great acting is Nicolas Cage. Yeah, Cooper’s that kind of character. He also says things like, “Don’t be a stranger, follow me on Twitter.”

But let’s just talk about Matt Bomer. I mean, talk about perfect casting. Okay, so being a “White Collar" fan, I might be just a tiny bit biased, but as far as "Glee" guest stars go, he was definitely one of my favorites. He’s no NeNe Leakes, but not everyone can be that fabulous.

Blaine and Cooper’s cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know" was definitely the highlight of the episode, despite the fact that the song is actually meant to be sung by two frustrated ex-lovers. But, hey, who cares? Blaine and Cooper obviously don’t!

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Be honest: If you were ever in the presence of the most attractive man in the world — Bomer, obviously, do you have eyes? — you’d react like Chris Colfer did and lose the ability to form complete sentences. Just us? Oh, then you’re telling us we were the only ones to Google “Matt Bomer shirtless pictures” after the show ended too.

But we’re not here just to objectify Bomer’s appearance, let’s also talk about his performance as Cooper Anderson, Blaine’s older brother. First, he’s hilarious. He gets to be mischievous at his day job on “White Collar,” but the guy has a legit knack for comedy that was great to see. Second, he’s got a great voice. Obviously a plus if you’re going on “Glee,” but just more evidence that he’s the most perfect man on Earth.

Third, and most importantly: his character was actually interesting. We learned a lot about Blaine and what makes him tick, something we hadn’t really seen before. Underneath that calm exterior, Blaine is feeling some real tension and anger towards his older brother. And underneath those sweater vests, he’s hiding some ridiculous rippling back muscles. Somebody GIF that, stat! (Actually, it’s probably already been done. This is the Internet, after all.)

Best song of the night: Anything with Bomer and Criss, and no, that’s not because we just love to ogle them. They sound good too! The Gotye cover of “Somebody That I Used to Know” edged out the Duran Duran medly only because it was sexier more current.

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6. Cooper Anderson, the local star of, comes home to Lima to catch up with his brother, Blaine, and teach a “master class” for the group of wannabe stars where he doesn’t exactly provide the best advice. But it turns out that Blaine is the least excited out of everyone for Cooper’s arrival as their rivalry ignites a new determination for the younger sibling to succeed as Criss covers “Fighter,” by Christina Aguilera. Ultimately they have it out — in song — when they cover “Somebody That I Used to Know,” by Gotye. After a like, totally rad mash-up of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf”/”Rio” with Criss, one can only hope the elder Anderson comes back for the upcoming graduation because we’re going to need an adult brothers Anderson cover of Hanson’s “MmmBop.”

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Matt Bomer Needs His Own Spinoff: Our lives are now separated into two categories: Before seeing Matt on Glee, and after. It’s magical to live in a world where Matt “Living Disney Prince” Bomer is playing one of the most awesome Glee characters ever, Cooper Anderson. But not so magical for his brother, Blaine, who has had issues with him his whole life. And “Coop” is so full of himself, he doesn’t even realize his acting lessons are really ridiculous. Oh, and we have a message for the Glee set and/or prop department: please send us all of Cooper Anderson’s headshots and the giant wall of screens playing his commercial on loop. Thanks.

Even though the brothers spent the whole episode butting heads, we did get two great musical numbers out of their feud. One being, of course, their duet to “Somebody That I Used to Know” at the end of the episode where the bros worked out their differences and (hopefully) left the door open for Matt to return. The other great number was Darren Criss' “Fighter.” OK, we're just going to be real shallow here and say we loved it because of the boxing-shower combo. Thanks, Ryan Murphy!

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