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I still talk to Darren Criss all the time. He’s one of the nicest people in the business. I really think of him as my little brother.

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One of Criss’ all-time favorite “Glee” guest stars is Matt Bomer, who played Blaine’s older brother Cooper. Significantly, Criss confessed that when the character he’s playing is supposed to be close to another character, he likes to get to know the actor playing that role off-stage/set by asking him/her to dinner; but he often holds himself back from doing just that, because “I don’t want to be weird.”

“But Matt got in touch with me, because we were going to play brothers,” said Criss. “It’s not like we were doing intense Mamet play for a year together. It was just a guest spot on one episode. But he called me and said, ‘Do you want to go to dinner with me, and I said, ‘Yes, I would love that.’ … We became fast friends. I love Matt Bomer, and I would gladly do any other project with him.” [x]


From Ryan Murphy’s April 1, 2013 Q&A (2 Matt Bomer answers)


Favorite ‘Glee’ Moments Of 2012

8. “Somebody I Used To Know” And Blaine/Cooper interaction.  Everyone was thrilled to hear Matt Bomer was cast to play Blaine’s big brother. Their relationship wasn’t picture perfect like people would have assumed. All of the awkwardness came to a head when they performed “Somebody I Used To Know”. Normally we would look at that song as a love song, but Glee went a whole new direction with it and made it reflect a familial relationship which was really amazing.


Simon: I don’t know if any of you guys saw Matt do Glee? There was a scene where he was just being ridiculous as his character. And then he went out and broke into song with Darren Criss and they were doing all this stuff, and at the end people started clapping and he looked over at his character and he said, “Standing O!” And I sort of feel the same way. Thank you so much. It’s crazy to give us a standing ovation when there’s so many inspirational people out here.


“Big Brother” Scene 7-9: Klaine, Cooper’s introduction in the hallway, and Sue

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“Big Brother” scene 11: Choir room, Rio/Hungry Like the Wolf

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“Big Brother” scene 36-37: Klaine Hallway, Blaine & Cooper ‘STWUTK’

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“The Brothers Anderson hug. America melts.”

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Darren Criss talks about Season 4, original music, and Matt Bomer with Perez Hilton at Comic Con.

Oh hell to every yes worldwide and back again! (Did that make sense? Our brains go a little fuzzy around this guy!)

Speaking of fuzzy — LOVE THE SCRUFF!!! HA!

After we had ourselves a little kiki with one Miss Lea Michele, our beloved Darren Criss decided to mosey our way to chat with us about what his character Blaine would be up to in season four.

We were mostly curious if season our was going to be the year we would hear some Darren originals on the show. A little Human, maybe some Sami … we’d DIE to hear him croon Don’t You to Kurt while on a stool in the choir room.

When we asked our burly beau about it, he explained:

“If they ask me. I would never try to put my agenda on them. They know I am a songwriter and they have been very supportive of my stuff. If they asked me, that would be fun. “

But wait – there’s more!

We then asked him which of his original songs he would like to sing, and he shared:

“Oh, I’d probably write a song for Glee, and I wouldn’t like to write for my character. I’d like to write it for another character … Maybe a new character”

Hear that winner of the Glee Project? Get in good with Darren! He’s one of the best songwriters of his age … you’ll want to sing one of his tunes FOR SURE!

In the meantime, check out the video (above) to hear Darren chat all about Blaine’s journey in this upcoming season. 

Matt Bomer has been a very busy man. The White Collar star has a movie opening soon – you may have heard of a little “independent” project called Magic Mike – but he isn’t forgetting his TV roots.

In addition to his leading role as con man Neal Caffrey on the dapper USA Network hit, Bomer found time during his hiatus to film a guest spot on a decidedly different show – the musical comedy Glee – giving him two shots at an Emmy nomination. Here, the actor talks to TVLine about the Emmys’ indifference to USA Network shows, his favorite moments from White Collar‘s most recent season and stretching his comedy muscles. He also reveals why big screen success won’t ever stop him from donning Neal’s impeccably stylish suits.

TVLINE | Do you see something like Magic Mike and a growing movie career as a positive or a hindrance to your Emmy chances — as well as to White Collar‘s future?
It’s always good to get your face out there, especially if you’re working with somebody like [Magic Mike director] Steven Soderbergh. I don’t think that hurts. I certainly don’t think it’ll hurt the show. The great thing about getting to do a cable series is we’re on for six months and we’re off for six months. I’ve been trying to use my hiatus to work with filmmakers like [In Time director/writer] Andrew Niccol and Steven Soderbergh that I really believe in, in smaller roles, rather than taking a lead in something big and studio and splashy – not that Magic Mike hasn’t become studio and splashy. [Laughs] But when I signed on to do it, it was a $5 million independent movie. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to go out there and challenge yourself as an actor.

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Matt Bomer is on the cusp of a very good summer professionally.

The star of USA’s "White Collar" starts Season 4 of the series Tuesday, July 10, with his character — con man Neil Caffrey, who has gone AWOL from his FBI-assisting job — literally cooling his heels in an island setting. Shortly before that, Bomer will display considerably less wardrobe when the male-stripper movie "Magic Mike" opens Friday, June 29.

A recurring "Chuck" guest star during that show’s NBC run, Bomer says he also enjoyed his recent stint as Darren Criss' brother on FOX's "Glee," but any possible return engagement will have to wait a while. “I’m pretty booked until the fall of next year,” he reports. “I’d love to go back, but my schedule has to free up a little bit first.

"That whole experience was just fantastic," Bomer tells Zap2it. "They wrote an incredible character for me, and I had an unbelievable time working with Darren. I was really blown away by what the actors on that show do on a week-to-week basis. It’s pretty incredible what they pull off, at the level of quality that they do. It was surreal and fun … and I’ll never forget it."


Cooper’s audition tape: missing scene


Cooper’s audition tape: missing scene

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