As soon as I got my EW I turned to the TV section because I knew there would have to be something.


As soon as I got my EW I turned to the TV section because I knew there would have to be something.

Matt Bomer, hot new star of White Collar, credits CMU for preparing him for the real world.
By Leslie Hoffman

I first met Matt Bomer on a Sunday afternoon, at home, reading in my living room. Without even knowing who he was, I stared into his bright blue eyes on a full-page advertisement in The New York Times. He mesmerized me.
The thing is, I could have met him long before he stepped into the starring role of White Collar, the hit new series on the USA Network that was being advertised. I could have bumped into him and his friends at brunch at the Shadyside Pamela’s. I could have run into him late night, ordering French fries at the Original in Oakland. Or, I could have caught him onstage in a production of And the World Goes Round at Carnegie Mellon University, as he belted out a crowd-rousing version of “Wilkommen” from Cabaret.

Bomer is one of many CMU alumni that populate prime time, such as fellow actors and friends Zach Quinto on Heroes and Cote De Pablo on NCIS, as well as many more, including Aaron Staton on Mad Men, Abby Brammell on The Unit, Rhys Coiro on 24 and Entourage, and Alex Cole and Van Hansis on As The World Turns. The soft-spoken gentleman from Texas credits CMU, saying that the school’s drama program “prepared me for the real world.”

“It was a real departure for me. I thought I was going to go straight to New York, and I’m glad that I didn’t,” Bomer tells me, actually calling from New York City, where White Collar is filmed. “Pittsburgh was a good middle ground for me. It is a city that grew on me over the four years I was there. It’s a beautiful city with an incredible history, and the more time that I spent there, the more that I loved it.”

On White Collar, Bomer plays Neal Caffrey, a con man who the FBI releases from prison in order to help them catch other art thieves, counterfeiters, and bank robbers. His “boss,” FBI agent Peter Burke, is played by Tim DeKay, Burke’s wife is played by Tiffani Thiessen, and Neal’s “partner in crime,” Mozzie, is played by Willie Garson, of Sex and the City fame. White Collar, which launched last fall as one of the top rated shows on cable television, is engaging and falls along the lines of other popular shows with a salient male crime-solving lead, such as The Mentalist and Castle. Bomer’s character is the standout: funny, charming, intelligent, seemingly capable of achieving the impossible, and, oh yeah, devastatingly handsome.

In that way, the character and the actor are the same.

“The show is fascinating; there is so much of the real Matt Bomer in White Collar. It’s a perfect fit,” says Gary Kline, Bomer’s voice and singing professor at CMU.

The actor’s CMU voice coach, Don Wadsworth agrees. “You know, he’s very right for a character like Neal in White Collar who has to be super charming. Although, Matt is sincerely super charming and his character might be a little more devious. But he’s figured out how to make that bridge between who he really is and a subtle adjustment for that character’s past and that character’s devious nature,” Wadsworth says.

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Manganiello said he would ‘love’ to have his longtime friend, White Collar star Matt Bomer, guest star on the show.

'I think he'd be a great vampire,' he said. 'Yeah, totally. We spent 15 years apart after college and then in the past year we got to work together a couple of times. He asked me to come to an episode of White Collar and then we got to work on Magic Mike.'

So what does Manganiello think of Bomer’s decision last month to publicly thank his male partner and kids at an awards dinner, a move that effectively announced to the world that he is gay.

"Matt’s been a friend of mine for a long time,’ Manganiello said. ‘So I fully support Matt and everything that he does.’

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Matt Bomer, who has up till now lived in a glass closet (most industry people knew) regarding his sexuality, made it public at an awards ceremony and in a magazine article last week. Bomer was given the New Generation Arts and Activism Award from the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards on Saturday. In his award speech, he thanked his partner Simon Halls, and his three kids.

Matt_bomerSaid Bomer: “And I’d really especially like to thank my beautiful family: Simon, Kit, Walker, Henry. Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love is. You will always be my proudest accomplishment.”

Bomer was also casually outed in an OK Magazine article late last week: “In his spare time, Matt admits that he wants to start a charity of his own. ‘I think it’s important to choose something that’s really close to your heart. It would revolve around kids. If you can give kids a chance because they are what is carrying on our legacy.’ The actor shares three kids with his partner, Simon Halls.”

When asked by Details about rumors about his sexuality in 2010, Bomer answered, “I don’t care about that at all. I’m completely happy and fulfilled in my personal life.” [x]

So people is considering his speech as “coming out”, oh well, if this stops them about bitching about his “glass situation” is ok with me, see him as a closeted one who came out.

I never considered him “in”.

The moment I saw Chuck and googled him I knew he had a male partner and kids. Doesn’t matter which google search I do about him I get certain leaked pics I hate (because they are personal pics) on the result. Put his name in google and the first suggestion is “gay”.

Yes, he didn’t say “i’m gay” but sorry, he simply lives his life.

He always lived his life open, he never bearded, never lied or denied and never hid  his family.  We saw his hubby in official pics, red carpets & awards shows, never in the spotlight but not because they are hiding but because Simon simply seems a person who doesn’t like to be on pics and being the focus of attention, after all Matt is the star, not him.

He also didn’t put himself away from gay charity and gay work, he has been in Trevor Project galas for a few years now, he is in “8” (both NY and LA), he is doing The Normal Heart. He and his hubby donate and are members of the Family Equality Council. That also brings me to other charity galas where their names are together in their pamphlet. 

I always thought that is equally important couples like Neil & David and couples like Matt & Simon. We need people in the spotlight and open and with magazine covers but we also need gay couples that simply live their life like nothing is different, like there is no big deal, because, you know what, there isn’t, that’s real equality for me.

Also Matt is the most sincere, warm, nice and incredible person I’ve ever “meet”. And I don’t say it because I’m a fan, journalist who meet him say that, co-workers say that, autograph hunters say that, every single person who met him said that.

So if this stops people about bitching about him, then, congratulations for “coming out” Matt.

Matt Bomer takes a break from his con-man role on White Collar and channels Elvis Presley in a hot new photo shoot with GQ Italia.

The actor seems to fit right in with a ’50s look, so it’s no surprise what actor he would like to portray in a film. “I would love to do a Montgomery Clift biopic. I would love to just keep working with really great directors who really inspire me.”

But for now, shooting in New York instead of Hollywood is fine by him. Matt says, “I always wanted to shoot a show in New York, but then I moved to L.A. … and I got a show in New York. I can’t complain, it’s a great place to get to work in, cultural and fun.”

In his spare time, Matt admits that he wants to start a charity of his own. “I think it’s important to choose something that’s really close to your heart. It would revolve around kids. If you can give kids a chance because they are what is carrying on our legacy.” The actor shares three kids with his partner, Simon Halls.

Up next for Matt, playing Darren Criss’ brother on Glee in April. And rumor is they will belting out some Duran Duran together. We can’t wait to see that!

Wondering if Matt can carry a tune? Check out the video here from the GQ shoot of the actor belting out “Love is a Many Splendored Thing.”


The Wall Street Journal: Your name is practically synonymous with vampires. What drew you to werewolves?

Ms. Rice: I’m interested in classical horror and always have been—witches, vampires, mummies. I had never thought much about werewolves because my sister, Alice Borchardt, had published several novels with werewolves. We lost Alice in 2007. Now about five years have passed. And a producer friend, Jeff Eastin, who produces “White Collar” on the USA channel, mentioned in an email that he’d just seen a documentary on werewolves and said if I ever picked up the subject, he’d buy the book. I got to thinking, “Maybe, what if?” Alice is gone; she’s no longer writing her books. Maybe I am free now to look at this. Alice had never told me not to do it. It was my idea that I should stay away from werewolves.

I read that you based your man-wolf protagonist, Reuben, on the actor Matt Bomer, from “White Collar.” Is he your celebrity crush?

Oh yes. Who would look at Matt Bomer and not have a crush? I mean have you seen him?



On Saturday, February 11, Peter Gallagher and Matt Bomer will each receive an Arts and Activism Award at the 2012 Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards gala, held at the Palm Springs Convention Center, benefiting Desert AIDS Project. They will join host Joan Rivers, entertainers Queen Latifah, Wynonna Judd, Megan Mullally, and David Burnham, as well as an array of other celebrities seated throughout the room.


Matt Bomer, star of TV’s “White Collar,” is on Gallagher’s heels as one of the “new generation activists of stage and screen” for causes including HIV/AIDS. After speaking at the opening ceremony of the 2011 AIDS Walk in New York City’s Central Park on May 15, Bomer joined 45,000 others who walked to raise more than $6.2 million for Gay Men’s Health Crisis and 41 other AIDS service organizations in the tri-state area. Just two weeks earlier, he’d also had his walking shoes on to raise money for breast and ovarian cancer research on April 30 at the Revlon Run/Walk for Women from Times Square to Central Park.

As an in-demand actor who is also the father of three children, Bomer strongly supports marriage equality. That’s why, this September, he appeared in a one-night-only staged reading of “8,” the play written by Dustin Lance Black, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of “Milk,” about California’s notorious Proposition 8, which made same-sex marriage illegal. Proceeds from the staged reading, performed at New York’s Eugene O’Neill Theatre benefited the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which funds the fight for full federal marriage equality and supports educational efforts on the freedom to marry nationwide.


Ralph’s brother eventually brought the fashion company and the foundation together, and the silver dog tags finally made their debut. Priced at $98, all proceeds from each tag went to the foundation. Ralph and Ricky Lauren and Tom Selleck stopped in early before guests such as Barbara Walters, Christine Baranski, and Matt Bomer packed the quarters. Partway through, David Lauren hopped on the mic to say a few words. “I grew up watching your shows,” he said to Fox. “I thought, ‘Oh God, he is the coolest guy.’ ” Nearby, Dylan Lauren told Style.com, “Family Ties was my favorite. I still watch the reruns. The funny thing is that I recently befriended Justine Bateman. It’s like completing the circle.”

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And the #1 most stylish character on TV, my top Star Style Icon is Neal Caffrey, (Matt Bomer) from the hit show White Collar. As if from out of nowhere Matt Bomer is everywhere. With a face and body to die for Matt has made White Collar, a show about a globe-trotting, art thief and con artist, turned FBI agent, the number one show on USA and a cable TV must see. Matt wears clothes like a male model. His style is definitely dressed up natty with a shot of urban cool. Think a young, modern (gay) James Bond… with piercing blue eyes and a penchant for John Varvatos suits. Nobody does it better.

— List by Marcellas Reynolds (see the other 4 here)

And what of the hair this season?

I have a little bit of a reputation for unveiling a new hair style each season, particularly in February as it falls between New Year’s and my birthday. This season I’m inspired by Andrew Garfield from The Social Network and Matt Bomer from White Collar. Somewhere between the two  is the look you’ll see me sporting this Fashion Week. The extremely talented Stefano Greco from Mizu salon on Park Avenue has been responsible for my ever changing hairstyles for many years now.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing this season?

Simon Spurr – for the clothes, not Matt Bomer in the front row. Seriously, though, I really adore the Spurr aesthetic. The silhouettes feel really fresh for menswear and if they get a foothold in the American man’s consciousness could be as directional as Giorgio Armani’s soft shouldered jackets on Richard Gere in American Gigolo. I’m also interested to see what’s become of the designers I previously called “ones to watch” – Robert Geller, Carlos Campos, Bespoken, and many others.

—- Interview with Fashion Editor Joseph Ungoco