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Matt BomerIn Time movie premiere


TImberlake makes for an compelling hero, bringing a likeability to his futuristic Robin Hood-esque character more so than Ethan Hawke ever did in NIccol’s Gattaca. He also has a great chemistry with Amanda Seyfried who at first seems a touch wooden until you actually realise its Seyfried’s version of naivety… However once she too gets into the swing of things she gives a more open, and believable performance as the bankers daughter turned vigilante turned brains behind the operation! But both leads are put to shame by two of the films supporting cast – namely Vincent Kartheiser as Phillipe Weis who manages to imbue his young visage with a real sense of age, and with that age a sense of self-importance (not wisdom as you would think would be the case); and Matt Bomer, who’s slightly-more-than-a-cameo role as Henry Hamilton feels like the truest in the entire film. Bomer manages to convey a real sense of world-weariness despite his young outward appearance, and you really feel his pain at living so long – and Bomer manages all that in the short amount of time he’s on screen!

It seems fitting that my first interview of the day was Matt Bomer.  In the world of “In Time”, where people stop aging at 25, the landscape is very pretty. So when Matt walked into the room and introduced himself to each of the journalists sitting at the table, it was obvious why he belonged in this movie. He is extremely handsome and seemed to fit the mold Andrew Niccol had designed for the film.  During our discussing we talked at length about various topics including how “In Time” is being released at a very unique time in American history.  The film deals greatly with the whole 1% issue that mirrors protests happening around the globe today.  He talked to the idea of fearing death and that it is something he currently doesn’t think too much about.  Because he spends so little time on screen, as the wealthy Henry Hamilton, I was curious to know what drew him to the small but pivotal  role. Here is what he had to say;

HeyUGuys: Did you and Andrew ever discuss a detailed back-story for your character Henry?

Matt Bomer: Yes. I had some ideas and he had some ideas and we had a meeting very shortly before I began. I think a couple days before I started shooting where we just bounced some ideas off of each other.  And he took what he liked of my ideas and I took all of his ideas and we just sort of went from there. And it was very specific and to me, it was very tied into the patriarchal nature of this group of elite and wealthy folks in New Grennich,

HeyUGuys:Are there aspects of what is happening to Henry in the film that you can personally identify with?

Matt Bomer: Yeah! I think that’s usually why you get hired for a certain part. There is generally something about your understanding of life that you relate to with the character. I’m not saying you have to be the person you play. But I understand a lot of things socially, culturally and societaly that I know I, and a lot of other people, would like to see changed, with regards to Henry.  I think that’s why Andrew wrote the movie to begin with.



In Time is not without a few faults. Olivia Wilde and Matt Bomer are underused. But, it is hard to fault the film for that, their characters only serve as catalysts for Timberlake as Salas. They just both so nail their performance, it is easy to feel that there should have been more from them in In Time. Also, the audience never gets a sense of the larger scope of the story. Is this simply a city like Los Angeles? What else is occurring in other cities across the globe? In Time is a little too insular.


For a few to be immortal, many must die


NICCOL: Well I’m not as successful as you think. No, the most interesting thing in the movie might be the death of urgency. That if you had so much time – why write the next great American novel today when I can do it in the next hundred years. For me that was interesting. My favorite character in the movie is Matt Bomer’s character Henry Hamilton who’s immortal and wants to die. I think our psychology may not be able to keep up with our biology.

What made you then focus on Justin Timberlake’s character versus Matt Bomer’s?

NICCOL: Matt Bomer is sort of like one of those Dickensian characters. Even though he’s out of the movie fairly quickly, the whole movie is referring back to him really. So he’s kind of in the movie the whole time but just not there on screen. I guess I just like the underdog. I don’t want to focus on a guy — It would be like focusing on the guy from Bel Air, instead of the guy in Compton. I mean you have a million years and you want to die. Please…

You often use science fiction as the means to pass your social commentary. What is it about the science fiction genre that appeals to you


The Cast of → “In Time”


The Cast of → “In Time”

Question: So twenty-five is the age stopgap in the film. But what age would you all like to get stuck at and why?

KARTHEISER:: I got nothing. I mean that’s something I’ve never contemplated. I don’t know. Have you guys ever sat around and thought about something like that?

SEYFRIED: You ever think about eleven?

TIMBERLAKE: Yeah – just eleven.

KARTHEISER:: Eleven was a really good year for me.

MATT BOMER: Twenty-seven. The Saturn return year.

KARTHEISER:: Saturn return – is that a satellite?

BOMER: Maybe.

TIMBERLAKE: Yeah – that’s in the next Star Trek. I look back, as a lot of my younger years have been documented, and I can honestly say that I would not like to revisit [any of it]. I just had to go to the Environmental Media Awards and obviously it’s recycle, recycle, recycle and I literally – one of the things that popped up in my mind, probably because I’m so vain, is wow – I can think of some things I wouldn’t recycle: a couple of the outfits that I wore in ’99 – so I’m perfectly fine with aging. What about you?

SEYFRIED: Can’t wait until I get to that point where I think ‘I could relive this again’. Because I don’t think any of us want to relive anything. I just can’t wait for the future.

The full interview here (Matt only said this)

And this is the Saturn return