Dustin Lance Black tells his story at the MOTH LA event

Recently you came out… what has this experience been like for you? Why the decision and how has the journey been for you?

Matt Bomer: I thanked my family, like anybody would

Sometimes I feel ashamed of White Collar fandom, at least from a tiny part of it. And my dislike mostly goes all, in equal parts, to Sara and Alex fans, at least to the minority that doesn’t know how to behave and be proper human beings and doesn’t understand the word respect.

And when you complain that they hate on your character and say ugly things, don’t react the same way.  Bashing somebody, even a character is horrible, but even more a bashing the person behind said character.

And actually, if you want to critique somebody it should be Jeff and the writers for writing a character you don’t like. The actresses on it only do the best they can do with what they are given. And damn, I love the writers but they really did a bad job with Neal love interests, all of them, which is a pity because they proved they know how to write powerful and decent female roles.

Saying one is anorexic or saying the other has a ugly face is the same: ugly uncalled for hate and very immature.

In one hand Gloria is not ugly, not by far. And if you think she is ugly, well, you are entitled to your own taste, but damn, xDDD I think she is really pretty and I wish Alex had a better development that it had. I actually miss her a lot in the show and seriously, I don’t care if she isn’t a Neal love interest or not, I just want Gloria to be less busy and come back.

Sara/Hilarie isn’t anorexic. Yes, she is very thin and yes I don’t find that attractive but it’s only my taste in woman, but call her anorexic is horrible and insensitive.

One, there is a lot of woman with body issues, it’s not something we should call others that freely, and two, if she really was, it would be a serious problem and nothing to laugh about or use as insult or similar.

And I personally don’t like Sara but again I blame more the writers than anything else, I think they did a really poor work with her, specially in the last episodes where she was mostly relegated to presex scenes and just some excuse for plot, she can be much more than that and I wish we got the Sara from her first episode.

I think in this fandom what we are missing the most is respect & common sense, and if we don’t give it to others, other won’t give it to us. And in this, like in real life, if we go with  the ” WW said this because XX said this and DD said this because XX did…” well, this stupid hate never ends.

We are so lucky, we have a show with great cast, so accessible and really nice people. The creator and the writers are on twitter all the time and they are also amazing, with a lot of patience and in they really good human beings.  We have a show with great plot, intelligent scripts and overall good quality.
There is a bit of everything for all of us, even shippers of all couples have a bit on each episode. We are blessed, we can be proud of out show and ye, some of you, decide to expend your time hating.

But you know what, I sometimes get angry with some people but then I go to my dash or to twitter and I realize that I met wonderful people and most of you are amazing and then I’m really happy that I ended discovering this show and the fans of it.


"I’m shocked, I don’t have all the information, but if it’s true and it’s going to happen, I think it’s ridiculous. If we can see a man and a woman kiss [in the earlier hours], we should be able to see two men kiss or two women kiss. It’s a sign of affection and love. There’s nothing dirty about it. It’s perfectly natural, perfectly normal. To do this suggests that it’s bad, that’s it’s wrong. And there is nothing about me and my life that is wrong."
- John Barrowman on P.M. David Cameron’s support of same-sex kissing ban on UK TV