Great write-up. I’m really enjoying the glance we’ve been getting at the Bomer-Halls family the past few months. I love Matt on White Collar, and thus started paying attention to him in general.

Previously it seemed like, at least as far as the public was concerned, he and Simon, were more of a closed book. Not hiding, but just not discussing, and that’s understandable, as they’re entitled to their private life and they’re entitled to keep certain things sacred and protect themselves and their kids.

But, from the stories Matt’s starting to share about his husband and his kids, and the pictures we’re starting to see pop up sporadically, it’s so clear how much they love each other and their family, and I adore the insight we’re getting. They really seem like amazing parents. It feels as if there’s been a total shift in their level of openness and it’s beautiful. Matt was even openly talking about Simon’s parents and saying that his “in-laws” were going to be with them for Father’s Day, in an Access Hollywood video from this week. Good for them.

I briefly spotted Matt, Simon, and their three boys in NY not that, that long ago. I was in NY on vacation, and just randomly saw them on the street. There are no other words to use to paint their family other than precious. I only observed them for a few minutes from a decent distance, because I didn’t want to be that super creepy person staring at them like a stalker, or the paparazzi, but- I almost couldn’t tear my eyes away.

They have THE most beautiful family EVER. Pictures do NONE of them justice. I mean, how is that possible they’re even cuter in person?! Simon and their kids… Gorgeous overload. I can’t really describe it, but… Simon seemed… so regal in a larger than life way, and just super handsome in person. From the view I had, the kids all look like mini-Simon’s in their own way. The prettiness of this family cannot be stressed enough.

I know Matt’s the celeb, and this will sound odd, but Simon was really the one I found so interesting to watch. Seriously. I mean, he was doing so much, and he was doing it so seamlessly, for lack of a better word. I just remember walking away thinking… “I want a Simon!” Lol.

From a distance, he just seemed like such a caregiver, really attentive, and extra kind and loving but also protective. Simon was carrying the blonde twin, Walker, not Henry? If so, Walker was borderline death gripped to Simon’s shirt. Lol. Adorable the way he was holding on to Simon. Simon was also wearing some type of backpack that looked like it was filled with stuff, and it seemed as if Simon was holding Matt’s glasses, because Matt reached for them and used them for a second, at one point, and then handed them back to Simon, and Simon was holding and sharing a water bottle with Matt, and he had the darker haired twin, Henry? walking at an odd pace in front of him, and bumping in to him, and Simon didn’t even break a stride.

He’s definitely the epitome of the guy who can walk, talk, chew bubble gum, juggle, and never break stride or a sweat.

As a casual observer, from a distance, Simon just seemed to be really, really, really attentive to Matt and the kids, and also really cognizant of everything that was going on around them, protective, cautious, maybe, I mean, at least in the few minutes I observed them … and I can’t stress enough how kind and good he was to them. Any husband who shares his water with you, while holding your glasses, all while carrying one of the kids, and carrying a backpack full of stuff, and making sure one of the kids doesn’t walk too far ahead? WINS. Lol. You could hear Simon say, “Hey Buddy” when making sure Kit? the oldest one, didn’t walk too far ahead because he and Matt wanted Kit to stay close to them.

The twin with the darker hair, Henry, was fun to watch too, because he was trying to sort of slip away from Matt and Simon to keep up with Kit, who was walking just a few steps ahead, but he kept veering to the side when he walked, and Matt kept saying something like, “Hey Buddy, stay close to me,” and eventually, the little guy wound up holding on to Matt’s pant leg while they were walking, and Matt did not miss a beat and was not phased by the twin having a death grip on his pant leg, although Matt eventually reached for Henry’s hand to keep him with him, because Matt had to walk with a borderline limp to walk with Henry holding on to his pant leg. Lol. This family is just a whole bunch of super cute moments. And their kids were so good, at least in this little window I saw… If Matt or Simon said something… They did it.

The last little thing I saw of them… Simon stopped with Walker, it looked like he was showing him something, and after Matt made sure Kit stopped walking, Matt leaned his face in to the side of Simon’s neck for a second as Simon was showing Walker whatever it was, and Simon touched the side of Matt’s face with his really not so free hand, and then I literally wanted to “aww” all over the place, and then I also wanted to know how Simon juggles alllll of that. Lol. It was just all really sweet, particularly because I think we see a more guarded side of them as far as the public goes.

But, anyway, then I realized, I really was observing their private moments, and this was real life, not tv, and that if I moved any further beyond the few minutes of people watching of them that I’d already borderline creepily done, I really was going to be THAT girl borderline stalking them, and kept it moving, but for real, I could have watched their little family all day, and they are my new favorite celeb couple/family. There are no words for how awesome Matt and Simon are with their kids. And I’m not joking… I want a Simon. Need a Simon. Lol.

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