Anonymous asked: Hey, love your Tumblr. I've recently convinced some of my friends to watch White Collar with me. We're doing a marathon and I wanted to ask if you know where I can download Spanish subtitles for the first season since they don't know English that well and I don't want to watch it in Spanish.

And why not dubbed! you don’t want  to miss Neal with Bruce Wayne voice and Peter with Booth/Angel voice!  You can enjoy a bromance between Batman and Angel, what more do you need! (that if you are from Spain like me xDD)

Just joking, of course :p

When I need subtitles I use addic7ed and  I checked and they have Spanish subtitles for the pilot (they are from argenteam) so I hope they have for the rest of the season :)

I also made some friends watch White Collar and they love it, I hope your friends also like it :)