The Wall Street Journal: Your name is practically synonymous with vampires. What drew you to werewolves?

Ms. Rice: I’m interested in classical horror and always have been—witches, vampires, mummies. I had never thought much about werewolves because my sister, Alice Borchardt, had published several novels with werewolves. We lost Alice in 2007. Now about five years have passed. And a producer friend, Jeff Eastin, who produces “White Collar” on the USA channel, mentioned in an email that he’d just seen a documentary on werewolves and said if I ever picked up the subject, he’d buy the book. I got to thinking, “Maybe, what if?” Alice is gone; she’s no longer writing her books. Maybe I am free now to look at this. Alice had never told me not to do it. It was my idea that I should stay away from werewolves.

I read that you based your man-wolf protagonist, Reuben, on the actor Matt Bomer, from “White Collar.” Is he your celebrity crush?

Oh yes. Who would look at Matt Bomer and not have a crush? I mean have you seen him?


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