Apparently, pretty runs in Blaine’s family: White Collar hunk Matt Bomer is nearing a deal to guest-star in an April episode of Glee as the Warbler’s older brother, TVLine has learned exclusively.

This is big for a number of reasons. Among them:
 Since this will be the first time we meet any of the other Andersons, we might finally learn a bit about Blaine’s apparently gorgeous kin.

This will also be the first time a lot of people will get to hear Bomer sing — because yes, natch, his character will get in on his sib’s musical number. (Oh, and lest you doubt his pipes, check out this clip below from the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors.)

It seems the soap grad is something of a new muse for Glee creator Ryan Murphy: He’s also just cast Bomer in his in-the-works film adaptation of Larry Kramer’s play, The Normal Heart.

Your thoughts? Do you see the family resemblance? What song do you hope Bomer will perform with Darren Criss?

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    I have mixed feelings. In part it’s Matt Bomer so it’s awesome, he’s brilliant and I’d love to see him pull it off. Yet,...
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    Who cares about resemblance? Who cares about storylines? I JUST WANT TO HEAR MATT SING
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    But Blaine’s Brother?
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    everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.
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