Giffoni: Matt Bomer incontra la giuria 2/2 por funweek

Giffoni: Matt Bomer incontra le giurie 2/2 (Juror Q&A part 2) [mega]

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Matt Bomer at the Giffoni Film Festival (July 19, 2014) [X]

Giffoni: Matt Bomer incontra le giurie 1/2 in ViTV Video

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Giffoni Film Festival (july 19, 2014) [x]

Matt Bomer arriva al Giffoni: Funweek all'assalto! in ViTV Video

Matt Bomer arriva al Giffoni: Funweek all'assalto! Il photocall dell'attore [mediafire]

Matt Bomer al Giffoni, il blue carpet in ViTV Video

Matt Bomer al Giffoni, il blue carpet [mediafire]

Matt Bomer al Giffoni 2014: “Essere autentici è il valore della diversità”



Matt Bomer about parenthood [mediafire]

Question as translated by the translator: How do you live your parenthood … your fatherhood?

Matt: All that into that? [Editor: That long question became that short question??]

Question: Yeah! She introduced it being… [Editor: The translator did not include the questioner giving a story or example. Her question is basically something about how he feels about parenting or what his parenting philosophy is or how being a father has changed him.]

Matt: Wow! Oh, yeah, oh gotcha. I mean, to me, parenthood is… I feel like I learn as much from our children as they — as I’m able to teach to them. Um, and I try to … You know, I think one of the amazing things that you realize — that helps with your authenticity as an artist…. And you know, it goes along with this festival of [the theme of] “Be Different”…. We have three sons, and they’re all completely different, with the exact same upbringing, and they’re so authentic and so truthful, and that’s very inspiring to me as a parent. But my job, I feel, is to try to be present and give them the structure that they need to thrive in the world but also never fence them in so much that they lose that identity that they come into the world with.

Matt and Simon leaving the blue carpet [mediafire]

Matt and Simon arriving at the juror Q&A + Simon fixing Matt’s tie [mediafire]

WELCOME MATT BOMER from Giffoni Film Festival on Vimeo.

WELCOME MATT BOMER at Giffoni Film Festival

Matt Bomer on the importance of gay characters and out gay actors in tv and film [mediafire]

Question: I will ask you a question: Do you think that gay characters in movies or tv series, or also ‘coming out’ of actors in real life, could help gay guys or girls in the world to feel less lonely in the world, yeah maybe? Or something like that?

Matt: Yes, absolutely, but it all depends on how they’re [gay characters] represented. Because I feel that it’s important to me…. I didn’t have, as a kid, I didn’t have characters to look up to to say “Oh, this [being gay] is okay, or this is alright.” So I feel a responsibility as an actor to only take those roles that are really well-written and where they’re written as a human being and not a stereotype. So as long as we have… we have a responsibility as writers, as well, to write really well-drawn characters, who just happen to be gay [and] aren’t defined by that. And I think that’s important for all of us as artists to keep that dialogue going, so that we can give people positive [gay] role models